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1maji2008/09/21(Sun) 13:38:48ID:GISoN9fx0?PLT(14761)
I'm coming

2maji2008/09/21(Sun) 13:45:22ID:B4eSnfNP0
from vip

3maji2008/09/21(Sun) 15:18:23ID:fVfogDnq0
4chan /jp/

4maji2008/09/22(Mon) 05:57:30ID:DStFbGHR0
I am a mighty forest warrior (a sissi) from Finland. It is our
solemn duty to kill as many Russians as we can. All of us are
trained for it, and if we ever come across one we are allowed to
cut its throat and throw it in the Gulf of Finland.

Japs are small and their penises are little.

5maji2008/09/22(Mon) 07:39:29ID:wPUJj0re0
I come from the land of ice and snow.
From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
The Hammer of the Gods
Will drive our ships to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and crying:
Valhalla, I am coming!

6maji2008/09/22(Mon) 10:35:32ID:fP+/Yl150
If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe,
I'd been married a long time ago,
Where did ya come from? Where did ya go?
Where did ya come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe?


7maji2008/09/22(Mon) 16:42:04ID:eAMH/iE1O
Dum ita kara kimashita

8maji2008/09/23(Tue) 06:46:15ID:8RLcYDzQ0

9maji2008/09/24(Wed) 12:05:17ID:SOYMeuNx0
Massachusetts, USA

10maji2008/09/24(Wed) 23:00:03ID:U3GQFmba0
I came from vip

11maji2008/09/25(Thu) 14:45:44ID:6XGL5DB+0
I'm from Canada.

12maji2008/09/25(Thu) 20:54:23ID:8TVI2LaS0
Japan, USA

13maji2008/09/25(Thu) 21:56:54ID:O0L0XoY40
stupid Canadian is fucking retard

14maji2008/09/26(Fri) 02:27:53ID:rpkbTG9K0
the netherlands

15maji2008/09/26(Fri) 21:21:29ID:3dsu92xHO
I'm from neverland

16maji2008/09/26(Fri) 22:40:46ID:3g/GvUfA0

17maji2008/09/27(Sat) 20:10:54ID:N2KQddvu0

18maji2008/09/28(Sun) 05:30:31ID:caAbrUtV0

19maji2008/09/28(Sun) 20:51:22ID:3w9AZuQ+O
where my happy life?
where my slaphappy fife on attack!
appears to danger list

20maji2008/10/02(Thu) 17:17:30ID:exsZKXRGO
I come from California.
It's really true.
Please believe me.

21maji2008/10/03(Fri) 01:22:52ID:PzaZq3TxO
i think you are lier
i doubt your repeat

22maji2008/10/04(Sat) 07:03:00ID:Tz0oTdBG0
fuck korean

23NHK2008/10/04(Sat) 21:26:08ID:E3evp16n0
Tension mounts after South Ossetia blast

24maji2008/10/05(Sun) 00:35:03ID:+my70eon0

25maji2008/10/05(Sun) 22:13:56ID:6qm/j9WNO
Free tibet!!!

26maji2008/10/06(Mon) 16:29:32ID:2mzDYioh0
Im from Italy

Pizza umai yeah

27maji2008/10/07(Tue) 03:13:31ID:B759jAbO0

28maji2008/10/23(Thu) 22:32:10ID:7TSIpDoaO

29maji2008/10/31(Fri) 13:18:48ID:ALUKzD4X0
roru imao

30maji2008/11/20(Thu) 21:36:25ID:nsfJtoyl0
Free Japan!

31maji2008/11/21(Fri) 01:56:07ID:Bxo2gkhD0
fushianasan Please!!

32maji2008/11/23(Sun) 16:15:52ID:/P9i+1lp0
I came from ni-soku.

33maji2008/11/26(Wed) 02:46:26ID:z8hmIFsp0
who are you?

34yuya2008/11/30(Sun) 22:09:52ID:5Nr+t5J1O
Hello. I am japn.

35maji2008/12/01(Mon) 04:35:09ID:UPYtxmtAO
i cum frm TAKESHIMA!
takeshima is Japanese island!

36!omikuji2008/12/01(Mon) 09:44:16ID:pPtJDmEV0
What's up?

37maji2008/12/02(Tue) 06:57:17ID:u5JQZsQr0
La France aux francais!

38maji2008/12/05(Fri) 16:02:44ID:YTMhzd8k0
and Japan is Chinese islands.

39maji2009/02/20(Fri) 16:42:44ID:fIGeyo2J0
Japan is state of u.s.

40maji2009/02/21(Sat) 04:09:47ID:COWsEWfB0

41maji2009/02/21(Sat) 20:25:15ID:NRshCRhG0

42maji2009/02/25(Wed) 09:54:37ID:fWRwVXdzO
i came from Tokyo of japan.

43maji2009/02/28(Sat) 00:58:28ID:NxNr5xQP0
I came from English board in 2 channel.

44maji2009/03/21(Sat) 21:27:09ID:MVONDpII0
oh dear friend..........
I come from Etorohu-tou!That's Japanese island yeah!

45maji2009/03/23(Mon) 02:23:32ID:LRsCvLFK0
I came from Kamakura.
Don't make Kamakura "sekai-isan"! Please!

46maji2009/04/08(Wed) 02:14:12ID:nI7ZlyyIO

47maji2009/04/08(Wed) 11:38:01ID:3X8497cP0
Also came from the English board in 2channel.

48maji2009/04/08(Wed) 11:55:46ID:O2sc/INJ0

49maji2009/04/08(Wed) 18:36:57ID:bCl8LjGx0
I came from my mother.

50G2009/04/08(Wed) 18:40:27ID:x9tFTnKM0
San Diego, California

51maji2009/04/08(Wed) 18:49:26ID:NbqZUSQE0
I come from Holland

52maji2009/04/08(Wed) 19:12:31ID:L1UOs/Vm0
I came'd

53maji2009/04/26(Sun) 16:04:38ID:5sAKdPFcO
no,i'm korean.
korea was a colony in Japan.

54maji2009/05/11(Mon) 02:02:44ID:DdOzJlp8O
I came from Korea nida!

55maji2009/05/12(Tue) 01:05:14ID:jpdDognd0
Does anyone know how many foreigners are here?

56maji2009/05/14(Thu) 04:31:02ID:RgCr6twgO

57maji2009/05/17(Sun) 02:39:22ID:F1dzy5cFO
Buon Giorno

58maji2009/05/28(Thu) 13:33:25ID:UG+eiKz70
unko unko

59maji2009/05/29(Fri) 07:41:46ID:0LG8PaCz0
I comed.

60maji2009/05/29(Fri) 11:07:29ID:A7q0M23I0
I came from Dynamita

61maji2009/06/03(Wed) 18:17:41ID:88MUOmSv0
I get this thread age

62maji2009/06/03(Wed) 21:06:16ID:1lb50WSE0
unco unco

63maji2009/06/08(Mon) 01:13:15ID:OLGGwhkqP
I come from Pussy

64maji2009/06/22(Mon) 22:23:50ID:xifoCnZ+0
i came. wipe from the slate

65A2009/07/22(Wed) 07:29:37ID:5Q0DJ029O

66maji2009/07/26(Sun) 01:12:48ID:BrizePPFO
i came from manco!

67maji2009/07/26(Sun) 01:28:29ID:Blv2d2uP0
i came from japan www

btw, would you tell me how you find out this board in 2ch.

68maji2009/07/26(Sun) 01:40:15ID:BrizePPFO
by my friend! nagoya mansei!

69maji2009/07/26(Sun) 15:04:50ID:2mJWPphJ0
By English board in 2 ch.

70maji2009/07/26(Sun) 15:41:47ID:0aVg2PBW0
I'm from Canada.

71maji2009/07/26(Sun) 15:47:03ID:2mJWPphJ0
Do you have anything to do at this site?

72maji2009/07/26(Sun) 15:58:42ID:0aVg2PBW0
No. Not really. But I can't sleep, so I suppose this'll do.

73maji2009/07/26(Sun) 16:30:00ID:2mJWPphJ0
Why you can't sleep? with sick?

74maji2009/10/30(Fri) 01:57:41ID:rrpcoNAt0
I'm from "seikatsu" bulletin board.

75maji2009/10/30(Fri) 21:55:08ID:d1ieYFuE0

76180-144-56-90.eonet.ne.jp2009/11/11(Wed) 18:03:59ID:by7lnU6N0

A secret proxy server is taught

Nice to meet you ~

It informs them for a moment today.

A secret proxy server has been opened to the public as a member limitation privilege of "2ch" now.

There is only making to a secret WEB site, all records do not remain in the access log when misusing it,
and do not misuse it earnestly, please.

Of course, it is free.

We will inform you of IP address and the port number to use a secret proxy server with following URL.


@ Please continue your favors toward assistance. @

77maji2009/11/11(Wed) 18:59:43ID:gmZ0PPLU0
1st, nyud.net is also proxified address. so you don't need add that address.
2nd, most of usual user don't have static IP-address, so that will be change soon or it might be already expired.
3rd, if you or someone provide proxy server, that's IP-address will be ban.

78maji2009/11/20(Fri) 15:44:32ID:zIj3bfdvi
I am from iPhone.

79maji2009/12/01(Tue) 09:48:42ID:iaWYfG+e0
I have some questions.
Which are more people in this board, Japanese or English country people?

80maji2009/12/05(Sat) 11:02:26ID:/gudWjc0i
I think Japanese neet are top.

81maji2010/10/12(Tue) 22:25:00ID:snD7eLQa0

82119-230-76-222f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp2010/11/11(Thu) 19:55:01ID:t2Jdss2K0

119-230-76-222f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp - 2010/11/11 18:52:51
IP :
Referer : http://tororin.sitemix.jp/
USER-AGENT : Sosospider+(+ http://help.soso.com/webspider.htm )
Query :

The reference: Please click following URL when you want to get to know the person who visits this site.

83maji2010/11/24(Wed) 18:55:07ID:eyfr2JxM0
san luis obispo. usa

84180-144-58-96f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp2010/12/11(Sat) 18:47:00ID:KTAKOeCP0
Akina's nice short story

Everybody and nice to meet you! I'm Akina.
I'm an one's own pace, and the blog of daily life and the idea to which the photograph readily is suitably exchanged and written.
Please look at my with one's own way patiently if it's good.
If it's possible to point it out readily, I'm welcome because it thinks that there are a lot of points that don't arrive either.
Then, please come from following URL.


Thank you for lending valuable advertising space.

85maji2011/10/06(Thu) 23:08:09.79ID:BmW3SxH10
news sokuhou of 2ch

86maji2011/10/09(Sun) 15:07:04.56ID:QFHYXoKt0

87maji2011/10/22(Sat) 23:46:43.88ID:EhYE8P5F0

88maji2011/11/04(Fri) 18:39:40.59ID:XJ6NNwya0
I think just little longer .
I will never Give Up. 'HAPPY' word with inclde with me.
OK(All Right). Be Happyness "with owe's own".
However, I... I...

89 【34.3m】 dennouprion 【東電 65.6 %】 2012/05/06(Sun) 09:57:37.07ID:4MsKIk9y0?PLT(12079)
from japan.

90maji2013/10/17(Thu) 00:18:22.56ID:F8Pl8I70O
Look,madoka of sosakuhappyou.

91maji2013/10/17(Thu) 15:57:30.30ID:F8Pl8I70O
90 is I am yamanaka kohei.

92maji2013/11/04(Mon) 08:47:24.34ID:owp4wld30
i come from new yoku.
the fact is one.
but understanding is infinity.

93maji2013/11/04(Mon) 14:01:03.22ID:4UOh0H900
where you goinng JAPAN~?
fusei election


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